Twenty Minutes with God ...

It doesn't take a lot of extra time to add time for God in your daily routine

Many things that you do in the course of a day can be modified ever so slightly to become faith nurturing activities without adding a single minute to your day. And if you spend 20 minutes each week on intentional faith nurturing as a family or individual, the rewards, and the extra time you will actually gain, will far outweigh any initial "inconvenience" you may anticipate.

That's where Ready Click Grow comes in! Desert Streams has two fabulous resources on this website to help you discover how fun and easy it is to nurture your faith at home.

The first resource contains over 1500 ideas for families with children ages 2-18. There is a wide variety of ideas that are updated regularly including:
  • Simple devotions and prayer ideas,
  • Wacky games and family time ideas,
  • Focused Bible topics and conversation starters,
  • Plus ideas for grandparents.

Remember that spending time together is an important part of faith nurturing--family time is faith time!

The 2nd resource is geared toward individuals who want more faith building ideas such as prayer, daily devotions, Biblical study or service possibilities.

Its Easy to Use

Simply click on one of the above resource icons, Ready Click Grow Your Faith or Ready Click Grow Your Family.

NOTE: You will be asked for your e-mail address and zip code the first time you enter the RCG site for research purposes.

These days so many of us have internet access. Youth especially make use of the internet for school, fun and communication. These resources fit easily into today's technological life-style. Have fun exploring the MANY wonderful ideas to enhance your faith journey. Remember that ideas will be added from time to time so bookmark the site and visit often!

If you have any questions, or would like assistance exploring Ready Click Grow, feel free to contact the Desert Streams Church office at 623-215-8139, or email